ANMS 2023S

Advanced Numerical Methods and Simulation


The course covers several numerical methods to solve time-dependent partial differential equations using finite elements and stabilisation. Advanced methods for turbulence modeling, multiphase flows, complex fluid flows and aerothermal modelling of complex systems will be given. Finally, the course will be completed by error estimator needed for anisotropic parallel mesh adaptation.


Times: AM 09-12, PM 13:30-16:30

Location: Room I/E102 or I/E201b – Zoom sessions will be communicated 24h before each lecture.

Week 02Location
10. JanuaryI/E201BA. Larcher “Numerical Solution of PDEs with Finite Element Methods: a quick re-introduction on theory and practice” (AM)
E. Hachem “Stabilized finite elements for the convection–diffusion–reaction equation” (PM)
12. JanuaryI/E102E. Hachem “Finite element methods for the Navier–Stokes equations” (AM) Lecture + Lab
Week 03
17. JanuaryI/E201BR. Valette “Some models and resolution methods for complex fluids flows” (AM+PM) Lectures
19. JanuaryI/E102J. Viquerat “Coupling machine learning with CFD” (PM) Lecture + Lab
Week 04
24. JanuaryI/E201BT. Coupez “Anisotropic mesh adaptation” (AM+PM) Lectures
26. JanuaryI/E201BP. Meliga “Hydrodynamic instabilities and the route to chaos” (AM+PM) Lecture + Lab
Week 05
31. JanuaryI/E102F. Pigeonneau “Natural convection in a square cavity: Scaling and numerical analysis” (AM+PM) Lecture + Lab