PPSC 2019F

Programming and Parallel Scientific Computing


The course provides an introduction to C++ programming and algorithms with a focus on scientific computing using Cimlib_CFD. An overview of the C++ language is provided: specification, arithmetics, memory management, object-oriented design for component-based software, and advanced topics using templates. Distributed and shared-memory parallel computing are then approached with exercises related to numerical methods for PDEs.


Location: Room DE116 and IE102

Morning schedule AM: 9:15-12:00, Afternoon schedule PM: 13:30-16:30

Week 45
8. November AM DE116 Introduction to UNIX systems and development (shell, GIT, …) [Jonathan Viquerat]
Week 46
13. November IE102 C++ Programming basics
14. November IE102 C++ Object-Oriented Concepts
15. November PM IE102 C++ Programming Lab [Ramy Nemer]
Week 47
18. November DE116 Computing architectures and performance
20. November DE116 Parallel computing for numerics
22. November PM DE116 Parallel computing for numerics
Week 48
25. November DE116 C++ Metaprogramming and advanced topics